In the 3rd Phase of the project, the students are introduced to the site of Kemang. In addition to previous types of investigation, students will be asked to focus on the exploration the diversity that reside in Kemang area, and the existence of boundaries, mediating grounds or “gaps” that resulted from this phenomenon. While basic survey would be done collectively, each individual are expected to research specific issues that would be the basis of their project.

Product (suggestions – each studio have different requirement):
– a book of maps & diagram (done as part of teamwork)
– collage – to probe potential issues in the site (individual)
– story board/ client interview/ comic strip – to investigate “clients/users” (individual)
– interpretive/ diagrammatic model of the site (individual)
– written proposal for Phase 5 at week 6, revised during week 7 & 8

Reference: Collage City – Collin Rowe, Genius Loci – Christian Norberg-Schulz
Duration: 5 sessions before mid-review, 1 session after mid-review
Mid-Exam: Charrette Style, Tuesday, October 7th 2008, 09.00 – 16.00
Mid-Review: Thursday, October 9th 2008, 10.00